Tania was just another coddled teenager, until the Slip changed everything.

When supernatural forces invaded our world, she inherited unbelievable abilities that left her ostracized, hated, and Marked. Years later, living on the fringes of society, Tania and her exiled elf roommate Logan are happy to be left alone. But her foreboding dreams have other plans…

In her nightmares, she sees a mysterious hooded figure ripping children from their families. When her dreams start coming true, Tania and Logan must set out on a dangerous mission. One that could take them beyond anything they’ve ever imagined. One that could get them killed.

Keys and Needles is the first installment in a dystopian urban fantasy series that asks how things would change if the world of folklore collided with ours. If you like snappy dialogue and fast-paced plots, then you’ll love this intriguing world.

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